Peple say that people are divided into those who love cats, and those who prefer dogs. Our family has always been a typical cat-lovers family. Since childhood we always had a domestic cat. The the university I have adopted a cat from a shelter, Barbucha, who unfortunately died a few years later of kidney failure. Than, Peter has enriched our newly created family with tabby colored Nisi and her buddy, brought from Africa, where he briefly worked for the embassy.

Together we have bought Siamese cat Mia and shortly after that she was followed with beautiful blue-point boy. Our Siamese pair settled down with us in a family house on the former hillside vineyard in a little village house, which we are gradually reconstructing.


Both our beloved siamese were without pedigree and as we has learned, how these poor cats are grown up in kitty-mills, we decided we will not support this anymore. When we lost them, we decided, that our future cats will be cats with pedigree from registered breeder. We also understood, that this world is not safe for free garden running of our cats and decided not allow our future cats to go freely out.

In Autumn 2008 we decided to bring a dog to our family. And soon we realised, that the “joke” about cats and dogs was not true. We felt it, like borzoi was, what we were missing all the time. Soon another borzois came and  in 2011 we fullfiled ourdrem and imported beautiful girl from USA. In 2012 we had our first borzoi litter and we are very happy, how they turned out. They are perfect!


But back to cats – in 2010 our desire for cats caused, that we decided to bring a cat again in our house. We have choosen the proud breed of maine coon. First was sweet white boy Karamel, which was on one side fullfilment of all our dreams, on the other side his health was not very good and we were very afraid for him.

Layla a Astral

We are very happy, that he grew up to be such beautiful cat with such a wonderful nature, and we love him with whole our hearts, but we do not plan to use him in breeding due to his health problems. He stays with us as the best pet we can imagine. In 2011 we brought a sweet girl Layla from Věrka Brzáková, Look of Lynx cattery. We found not only beautiful girl, but also a friendship of kind and wise breeder and we are very grateful to her.

In 2012 we had our first maine coon litter. Only one boy (fs) was born – Astral Darkness from Izironk. He is a great brave little man and we are very proud of him. In 2013 beautiful Maceška – Pansy Look of Lynx came to our house thanks to generosity of our friend Věrka (Look of Lynx cattery). She gave us beautiful B- litter already.

Pansy "Maceška" and Banshee


We thank to Mr. Vladimír Šlechta for letting us to use the word “Izironk” from his books as a name of our kennel and cattery.